Meet Helene!

Ordinary people’s extraordinary stories’

Women are not necessarily great at recognising themselves as inspiring, are they? That’s why we decided to bring their inspiration through their stories. All our heroines are REAL women living in our community in Southend and surrounding areas.

Meet Helene!

Helene Musso1She used to think that success was based on money and a very good job. Since, we live in a society that values materialistic stuff, the questions that need to be asked without any guilt attached to them, are these;

*Can success mean being a good mum/father or a fantastic cook in your home?
*Do we feel recognised enough being a home stay mother/father or do we need work to make us feel valued?

The solution lies with more awareness of ourselves, mixed with the total acceptance that we are human beings and therefore not perfect. Meanwhile, surrounding ourselves with people who understand us and who are able to love us just the way we are.

Hélène used to lie to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings. These were small lies, OK! She is not good at lying and got caught often! It used to go a bit like this; She did not want to go to a gathering, so she made up that The Car Has Broken Down! and got away with it and she never made up small lies again…

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