Meet Bernie

Ordinary people’s extraordinary stories

Women are not necessarily great at recognising themselves as inspiring, are they? That’s why we decided to bring their inspiration through their stories. All our heroines are REAL women living in our community in Southend and surrounding areas.

Meet Bernie!

Bernie Bentley

Bernie Bentley was extremely close to her Nan from a very young age and both deeply cared for each other.

She remembers visiting her in a hospital and seeing her for the last time, knowing it was unlikely she would see her alive again. And, she was right – it was her very last time!

For many reasons, her Nan was like a trusted parent whom, she had always longed for.

In her young teens Bernie belonged to a church group. On one occasion she witnessed a homeless man knocking on the priests door and the priest refused to give him food. The door shut and the man walked away.

When the priest was out of sight, Bernie grabbed some food from the pantry, ran after the homeless man and gave it to him. Being humble, he only accepted two items, he pointed to his pockets with holes in, he had nowhere to store it. >>>