2016 Ambassadors

Dear Inspired Visitor,

Whatever your age, nationality or gender… If you have the skills, time and passion to help us grow the annual E.D.E.N Conference we would very much like to hear from you.

As an Ambassador, you will invest a few hours each month to look after a specific area and help us turn our exciting plans into the actions. After all, we do want E.D.E.N Conference to be inspiring and collaborative as possible. If you prefer you may work on your own, that’s OK, however we are here to encourage and support you in building your relationship with the group. The power of group energy is very stimulating.

  1. Event Coordination Team
  2. Event Workshops Team
  3. Public speaking coach/support Team
  4. Fashion show Team
  5. Meet & Greet team
  6. Catering team
  7. Room set up & cleaning team

In addition to these categories, our ambassadors create eco-friendly decorations, assist with press release, share about the event in their blogs and a lot more … whatever was needed to make this day a great experience and memory! This is also your game! You create with us!

See what other ambassadors got out of being a part of our amazing team:

“Wow!  What a day we had at EDEN Inspiring Women conference in Southend-on-sea.  I’m just home after a celebratory South Indian meal with some of the other ambassadors and speakers.

It was such a joy to work with these women.  I’d rather say “play” with these women.   It was fun!   I was there to help and also to teach the ladies Story Massage which they loved.   I got them to pair up and showed them a weather massage.   We drew all sorts of weather on each others’ backs and the real weather obliged.   It rained and snowed outside today so the ladies learnt to just draw what they saw around them.  I gave them homework to practice the massage on someone, child, partner or pet, in the next twenty four hours!”

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By Rosemary Cunningham

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