3 reasons why inspired women attract successful people

A beautiful woman attracts your eyes; an inspired woman engages your mind while pleasing your eyes.

Over the last two years I have seen many inspired women with amazing ideas and exciting goals. The more questions about their vision I asked them, the more energised they got. Their sharing is always filled with excitement, energy and dedication. It is such a joy to listen to someone who is truly inspired by their vision. You see the spark in their eyes, the conversation flows.

As soon as a well-respected, known or successful person joins the conversation, they start shutting down. Their confidence drops. Their excitement and smile disappear. One of the typical openings in their speech is “I’m not sure the idea is really so good but I was thinking to … !” or they say nothing. When I then question this self-sabotaging behaviour later, I often receive the following statement “You really think they may be interested to find out about my idea or work with someone like me?” I can do nothing but be honest and say “I don’t know but unless you try … .”

Inspired to have conversation It’s easy to encourage others with a simple statement “You don’t try, you don’t know.” But let’s be honest, the unstoppable and persuasive inner voice makes it pretty challenging for them to pursue creating a new connection with someone who appears to be out of their league. I don’t want to speculate on why these women react this way. I’d rather write about why sharing your exciting vision attracts successful people.

I noticed on many occasions that successful people master the art of choice, especially when it comes to human interactions. They understand that there are people who inspire or hinder their success. They learnt that the key to achieving their goals and experiencing victory depends on the qualities of people they socialise, interact and work with. Naturally, they are drawn to people who add value to their life through conversations, interactions, shared interest and activities.

This may seem selfish and self-centred, but my intention is to make you realise that if you are an inspired woman ready to realize your vision, even if your little voice tells you otherwise, your door to attracting successful people is open. So here are three simple reasons why:

  1. Inspired woman radiates joy, energy and enthusiasm. This is infectious. Successful people understand that the right balance between their focus, performance and inspiration delivers fruitful results. Sharing about your ideas with excitement helps them to recharge their batteries and keep their inspiration alive.
  2. Inspired woman finds it exciting and motivating to learn from others. She is excited to discover how to make things happen. The sooner the better. This attracts successful people who love sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. They understand that achieving success is a journey and not a destination. At some point, they also were at the beginning of their journey, inspired by an idea just like you. They experienced their ups and downs and often feel privileged to share about their journey passing on the valuable lessons they learned.
  3. Inspired woman is easily motivated. Successful people also know that inspiration that comes from your own vision keeps you motivated. It is a lot more challenging to motivate someone if they don’t have their own aspirations. It is a lot harder to lead a meaningful conversation with someone without a vision or passion to talk about.

So there is no stopping you. You can never predict the results a conversation with someone you find successful may bring. Be open-minded and pay attention. Be present and engaged in the conversation, but don’t fake your interest. Be authentic and don’t exaggerate. If you get stuck, here are 3 simple tips to get your conversation going:

  1. Ask for feedback on your idea or vision, especially what is the most appealing thing. Why may they want to work with you or engage in your vision?
  2. Be prepared to hear a negative feedback. How can you use the feedback?What is missing to make your vision successful? How can you turn problems into solutions?
  3. The whole conversation is not only about you and your vision. Ask about their passion and experience. Find out what their vision is and what they need. Where can you see a shared interest? Is there an obvious connection between your visions and goals?

Dear inspired woman, be brave to put ideas forward. One thing is sure. You never know what can happen, unless you try. Who is the first successful person you are going to share your vision with?

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