We are a platform of women from Southend neighbourhood who enjoy and share their passions. Be it your family and caring for others, personal development, your career, environment, businesses, your new project or simply anything that lights you up and allows you to live a fulfilling life.

Inspiring Women of Southend (formally Southend Passionate Women) was founded in October of 2013, by Adriana Kosovska; a resident of Southend for many years, Adriana  continues to be the driving force behind the group.

Adriana is passionate about community, creative collaboration within communities and is determined to play her part in making Southend a better place.

From those first meetings Adriana was introduced to other women who shared similar passions and visions with her, women who like her had been working formally and informally within the community at various levels.

While in the main Inspiring Women of Southend is a women’s group, it is inclusive and men are welcome to join and support us. Many of the members having been inspired, supported or having had their dreams and aspiration nurtured by men.


Our meet ups are organised usually once a month on Thursdays.

We share our life stories, inspire each other and network.

Feeling inspired? Come and join us 🙂


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