2014 Ambassadors


From the Top Left:

Kym Ciftic, Julia Hantig, Linda Elsdon, Rachel Black, Jamillah Yoozooph,  Suzie Rickenberg, Stella Phillips, Susan Giles,
Adriana Kosovska, Sherry Fuller.

These amazing women, worked tirelessly as volunteers to ensure that the inaugural E.D.E.N. Conference was a huge success by taking on the following duties:

1. Creating logo/invitations/tickets/promo materials
2. PR
3. Event music/DJ
4. Inspirational dialogue facilitators
5. Public speaking coach
6. Photographer
7. Coordinating and leading E.D.E.N workshops
8. Event programme co-ordinator

In addition some of these women, coordinated the monthly MeetUps, and acted as or coordinated workshop leaders for the monthly MeetUps.

Our first year would not have been the huge success that it has been without the dedication and support of these wonderful women.

Thank You.


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