2015 Ambassadors

Dear Inspired Visitor,

We are delighted to introduce our team of passionate and inspiring women who joined us in creating our community event E.D.E.N. 2015. Meet our IWS Ambassadors:

E.D.E.N. 2015 Ambassadors

These inspiring women became a part of our team since Oct 2014 and worked together in the following teams to express their passions and talents.

  1. Sponsorship & Event Partners Team
  2. Advertising & Promotions Team
  3. Public speaking coach/support team
  4. MC for the event
  5. Meet & Greet team
  6. Catering team
  7. Room set up & cleaning team
  8. Event Management team

In addition to these categories, our ambassadors created eco-friendly decorations, made delicious refreshments, co-ordinated the fashion show, assisted with our press release, shared about the event in their blogs and a lot more … what was needed to make this day a great experience and memory!

We are also excited to share that this year we have had a gentle break through in men joining our initiatve. 2 gentlemen joined out team on the day. Thank you guys for being brave and joining a group of at least 55 women on the day!

Steve Lilly                                                                         Mark Ahlin

Photographer                                                                  Sound system & projection

Steve LillyMark

Thank you everyone for your amazing support !


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