E.D.E.N. Conference


E.D.E.N. the annual conference hosted by
Inspiring Women of Southend.

We invite you to join us for one day where you will be inspired to explore and connect with women who like you live in our community. Living a life with passion is not a coincidence. Living a life with inspiration is not a result, it’s your power. It’s a choice each of us can make every day.

Here are 4 reasons why we believe in creating E.D.E.N. for you and why we guarantee this will be the most helpful and practical event for you to grow your passion each and every year:

eWe live in a decade of greater opportunities and greater risks for women. You will hear stories that ENCOURAGE you find fulfilment and explore what inspires other women in our community.


We bring passionate and inspiring women together to help them shine and flourish through forming new friendships and relationships. DEVELOP new ideas, new collaborations and strong friendships based on trust.

eThe moment when you realise that something in your life does not ‘work’ is a powerful one.  This moment also builds loads of doubt and desires which can confuse you at times. Come to  EMPOWER yourself to take small actions and to explore new horizons.


We believe in building stronger communities through NURTURING and collaboration of women in our Southend neighbourhood. We aspire to build a community and provide a platform for women which is uplifting, supportive and helpful.

The annual event is organised by group volunteers, with you in mind.  It is our aim to support you on your journey of transformation. Each year E.D.E.N. has a unique theme. For more news and information about the forthcoming E.D.E.N. Annual Conference >>>


Why is E.D.E.N. important?

In this DNA, we observe women competing with each other. We observe women giving up on their dreams or feeling guilty about wanting to follow their aspirations. We observe women who feel hesitant to ask for help with their ambitions. We observe women who have all it takes to make their dreams come true but don’t see their great potential.

If we do not take the stand for women in our community today, we are likely to observe a future full of isolation, frustration, lack of appreciation and competition overtaking collaboration.

What possibility can we create?

We imagine a community where women inspire more women to connect with each other in real life, perhaps find a new friend, to acknowledge and support each other to create more fulfilling opportunities for themselves and our community.

With this event, we will inspire women to overcome their fear and be inspired to do more with their life. With our team of volunteers, we are creating an annual one day event where local women inspire each – this event is called E.D.E.N.


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