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‘Ordinary people’s Extraordinary stories’

This page is dedicated to women from our community. Often we look for inspiration in magazine or on TV. We decided to look for women in our town, community and let the world know about their inspiring lives. What is so about these women is the presence of reality. They are women just like you or me. And if they can live a fulfilling, happy life, you can too.

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How and when was my project ‘born’?
‘Ordinary people’s Extraordinary stories’ project was born out of a dream I had, last year. I made a conscious decision not to ignore it, listened to my inner intuition and immiediately acted upon it. This meant calling up the lady I saw in my dream, namely, the amazing Shahnaz Choudhari and shared with her my intention of making my dream come true.
Within minutes into our conversation the project took off and today both Shahnaz Choudhari -Spiritual Life Coach and myself are committed to have ordinary people’s voices heard & their stories shared.

What is the purpose of this project?

Agata TothovaAlthough, the project was born out of my dream, it is not about me being in the front line. It is, fundamentaly, about ordinary people’s extraordinary strenghts, struggles transformed into successes, talents, passion, sacrifices they made throughout their lives and bring them into universal awareness to allow them to serve and inspire all human kind on this planet. My sincere hope is that, the the true value of my project is realized by making it globally available to all generations today and those yet to come.

Hope this short introduction embraces everything my project is about and more.
Appreciate your interest in my project

Agata Tothova

Facilitator of Women’s Empowernment, Creator of AgaFlow programme, Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP and Accredited Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant