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”She is good enough just the way she is”

Author: Agata Tothova, the founder of project Empower Yourself and Others

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A Professional Coach and Supervisor, a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Author of ‘The Visible Woman’ and ‘I Don’t Care – The Art of Divine Indifference’, a loving wife and a proud mother of one son, a grandmother of two young children, meet the one and only Irene Brankin.

What she learned from growing up in a working class family in Glasgow is that she could only go so far and no further. ‘There was a line I couldn’t cross’, affirms Irene.

‘Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans’. In many different ways, including almost dying and the loss of so many different roles she had held, life happened to her!

She didn’t just get cancer. She nearly died from cancer!

It’s quite ironic, but life has a way of pulling the rug from under you, especially nowadays with so many losing their jobs, the economic climate, illness, death, divorce and, of course, everyday problems that can arise unexpectedly.

Has she ever failed? How could she not fail?!! She is able to step back from the belief she had as a young woman about herself, never being good enough in comparison with others who were more (as she saw it then) confident, more intelligent, looked and spoke better, had money.

Shaming , criticism and comparison were the norm within the extended family. She could never live up to parents’ expectations as they wanted her to stand out, because they did not.

”I learnedIrene Brankin that my feelings were tied up with my parents’ feelings about themselves. Once I had achieved my first degree and psychotherapy diploma, I knew then that it was up to me and I could no longer blame others, Irene openly admits.

Her SUCCESS is her own inner sense of worth and value. When she is able to show up, make mistakes, forget things and yet, still feel comfortable within herself.

Let’s shout out loud: ”She is good enough just the way she is”!

And, I cannot agree more.

Do not hide away from fear, not out of choice!, she says. There is an inner freedom in steeping up, stepping out and being comfortable with your shadow.

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Irene, as an published author, has got two inspiring books under her belt:
Irene Brankin I don't care

I Don’t Care!” Have you ever wanted to shout that out loud?

Do you find yourself doing things just to please other people, or because you think you ought to be doing it, even if you don’t want to?

Then this book is for you.

Without realising it, like many people around the world, you have inadvertently created a self-imposed cage around yourself, with bars made from invisible barriers like, “I can’t…”, “I’m too busy…”, “I’m not good enough…” and you crouch inside like a caged tiger, getting angrier and more frustrated each day.

However, life need not be like this because you can give yourself permission to step over the threshold, into a new, more exciting and creative existence.


Ageism is rife in Irene Brankin Visible Womanour society and particularly so for women. Once over the age of 50, we are portrayed as too old, past it, invisible and sometimes even replaceable, both at home and in the workplace.

Fuelled by the media our society is obsessed with youth. We only have to look at the ‘beauty’ treatments that attempt to halt the ageing process to know this. The message being don’t be yourself, don’t be real; be this ideal woman or else you’ll be invisible.

But this view ignores all the positive things about ageing. With age comes the ability to view life in an easier way. It brings wisdom, experience, life skills and maturity.

It was through my sense of anger and frustration at this waste of wisdom and life experience that older women possess that inspired me to write The Visible Woman. We shouldn’t accept this feeling of being put out to pasture as though we no longer have anything to offer society. It’s time to rise up to the challenge and the myth of aging.

More about the books >>>

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Irene’s main focus nowadays is on running retreats for women as well as supervising other professionals.

Too many women procrastinate…

…from embodying their dreams and becoming the visible women we are truly meant to be. The time has come to put ourselves first, to re-awaken our dreams, to transform our visions of what’s possible in life.

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