Linda Elsdon

“We often know so well what needs to be done but are scared to take the plunge into the unknown”

Author: Agata Tothova, the founder of project Empower Yourself and Others

Let me introduce an ordinary person’s extraordinary story,

An Entrepreneur and Freelancer, an Event Manager, a loving friend and a beautiful woman, Linda Elsdon.

Linda, with many years of experience in the Event Management industry, defines failure as a blessing, in most cases, even though, it is very difficult to see at a given moment. But, as time goes by, it becomes clearer why the Universe has intervened the way it did.

She has experienced failure through knowing that a career path has come to an end when she was no longer dedicated to her work. The Universe had intervened to move her in the right direction and ask for voluntary redundancy.

Linda has never looked back since! And, why would she?

When looking ahead is so much more rewarding to her soul.  She absolutely loves the freedom and choices in being her own boss, in a career she is passionate about – Event Management. Whether, it be organising her own events, contracting or freelancing in the events industry. Linda is able to march to her own tune!

Although, she has faced ample of struggles, the Universe smiled back. She is grateful, blessed and very fortunate to be working in an industry she loves, with amazing people and covering awesome events in stunning venues.

Linda is ready to let her guard down so as to allow that special man, her soul mate, come in her life that she, so richly, deserves. But she knows, she needs to learn to let go and only control what can be controlled, freely and openly.

Acceptance with love and blessings, learning to let go will then open up new life experiences and will bring all the richness, positivity, good fortune, success, health, happiness and abundance into her life which will flow freely and naturally.

Linda Show Get GotLinda reaffirms that, success is not always defined by material possessions and the level you are at in a career. It is rather a realisation that life is for living and your soul needs to be nurtured. Because the soul will only wait so long before it becomes unstoppable.

Missed opportunities happen far too often, so grab them while you can. We often know so well what needs to be done but are scared to take the plunge into the unknown, and feel that the current situation is more comfortable and secure.

Success, as Linda defines it, is knowing that you have achieved the ultimate goal in your life’s journey and spiritual pathway through dedication to their cause and a breakthrough in extreme challenges.

For those souls who overcome their adversities successfully, through bravery and sheer determination, come through the other side with pride and commitment.

Linda is blessed and genuinely passionate about the work she does as an Event Manager, as it takes her to wonderful places, meeting lovely people, staying in some cool hotels and working in amazing venues.

Thereby broadening her horizon and outlook on life which brings experiences to stretch and enrich the mind and soul.

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Linda is is totally passionate about encouraging women to live the life they truly desire. As an Ambassador of Inspiring Women of Southend, Linda has supported altogether about 100 women in our Southend community through her passion in organising events.

Linda at E.D.E.N. 2014When you come to our amazing E.D.E.N. conference, Linda will handle your question or enquiry with an amazing attitude and respect. See why she joined our amazing group of women who make Southend a more inspiring place to live in.

“Having assisted on the Passionate Women conference I became aware of the amazing courage and strength of so many women and how they have or are overcoming their adversities. They are inspirational and through this conference I have connected with and formed friendships with so many wonderful ladies.  I am truly blessed and grateful for having the opportunity of being part of this wonderful group of inspiring women. Thank you IWS for letting me become part of this amazing network.”

Linda Elsdon, IWS Ambassador


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