Our vision

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I genuinly believe that every woman can feel fulfilled. You can too! Just imagine for a second how would your life look like if you:

 felt more INSPIRED?

It is possible for you to live your life with passion, to inspire yourself and  inspire other women.

It is often our lack of confidence that stops us from achieving our dreams. Lack of confidence and lack of inspiration, absence of genuine appreciation between women  are issues women face in their daily life. Do you as well? The good news is, it does not have to stay that way.

You have a choice. You can give up your power  or you can choose to live differently to become the inspiration for yourself and other women. You can choose to discover the INSPIRING YOURSELF.

Inspiring Women of Southend is here for you

– no matter your age or walk of life, you are welcome to join us!



We host workshops to help you get the inspiration, insight and support you need to make your dreams a reality… and of course there is our big event… the Annual E.D.E.N. Conference.


Free monthly workshops to build your confidence and grow your inspiration

Inspiring women really do inspire you to go that step further to be a better self, it was really enjoyable I will be going to the next one. X   ~Jackie, Vision Board workshop




E.D.E.N. 2016 (12th Mar 2016) is an afternoon to awaken your dreams and connect with like-minded women from your community. Here are 4 reasons to join  E.D.E.N. >>>

“Today I felt I AM a woman … smart, beautiful, delicate and I can manage everything!  ~ Anetta, E.D.E.N. 2015 event guest

“A truly inspirational afternoon, meeting new friends and (surprise!) two people not seen for many years. You have brought joyful and positive women together and broken down barriers between strangers. Thank you!” ~ Diana, E.D.E.N. 2015 event guest

Limited to 150 event guests. Email us to pre-book your ticket. No deposit payment required >>>

http://www.meetup.com/inspiringwomensouthend/Register on our MeetUp page for regular workshop updates.Vision board workshops   /  Action board workshops   Back to the Future  / Find Your Power workshops