How inspired are you by yourself?

Yesterday I wrote about the definition, recognition, appreciation and acknowledgment of inspiring women. I see them as women who can fill women and men with the desire or urge to do something worthwhile. I see them as women who celebrate life. I see them as ordinary women with extraordinary story. I see them as women who light your flame of curiosity, desire and commitment to live your own life with passion, joy and fulfilment. Their attitude is infectious; their story sets a great example that something is possible. If they can do it, you can too. The question is …

How do you see yourself?

Imagine that that woman, that inspiring person is you. You have a scale from one to ten available. If you were to score how inspired are you by yourself and your life, what would your score be?

Are you generous and give yourself a high score? Let’s say, nine. Or are you thinking: “Hmmm, there is still room for improvement. I only score six!” Or are you too self-critical and scoring yourself very low? One or zero, perhaps?

Well done, if you scored yourself with ten. If you scored yourself with more than five, I also want to acknowledge you for your own self-acknowledgment. If less than five is your number, I hope you continue in reading this post.

Stephen Covey Motto

It is far easier to notice and recognise the inspiring people around us, than realise that you too are inspiring. I deliberately wrote the words “You too are” instead of “You can be”. It takes courage and self-awareness to recognise that such person also lives within you. The question is which glasses are you wearing? How do you see your world?

When I was a child, I felt as if I lived in heaven. I loved exploring the world, learning all the new things about people and how the world functioned. I was most fascinated by people, drawing and languages. If you asked me how I would score myself at the time, I would most certainly say ten out of ten. Wonderful!

The older I got, the lower the score became. It came to the point when there was just a career and life circumstances. Life just happened. And my inspiration had gone away. My dreams and aspirations had gone away with it. The frustration, fear and doubt took over. I was not inspired to do anything but climb the career ladder. And as it happens, that was exactly what I ended up doing. And I thought I don’t have any other option. Then there was the travel. The travel helped me to escape the reality. My reality as I saw it. I visited half of the Europe. The more frustrated I got, the longer my “places-to-see-before-I-die” list grew. There is nothing wrong with travelling and exploring the world. But for me, it was easier to look for happiness elsewhere than at home. What I did not realise was that I stopped recognising and appreciating people around me. No matter how great or inspiring people were, they would go unnoticed. Well, how could I possibly see them when I was not inspired by myself and my own life in first place?

You see, you may think it is easy to recognise the inspiring people around us. It is, if you are willing to. If your eyes are wide open. If we can’t see the greatness and inspiration within us, how can we see it in others? If we aren’t inspired, how can we possibly recognise when others are? Their excitement often gets on your nerves, right?

Once you know that you decide to live your life with joy, excitement, energy and make your dreams come true, you discover who to look for and where to look. Every little step that you take and that takes you closer to reaching your deams, deserves a recognition. Every little step helps you to raise your score of inspiration.

Do you wIWS FB 02ant to feel confident again?

Do you want to learn a new skill?

Do you want to smile more?

Do you want to spread more love?

Do you want to teach what you learnt?

Do you want to take care of your family?

Do you have a great cause you care about? … don’t stop here. The possibilities are endless. The choice is only yours. Isn’t it the time you discovered the inspiring you? Isn’t it time to light your fire?

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