Julia Hantig

She wanted me to send a recent photo. I replied saying it was!

Julia HantigI hung up my shoes 17 years ago to be precise. What made me change my mind was an email that was circulating, forwarded by my ex husband, looking for mature dancers 50 plus. My daughter Crystal was with me and she read it and encouraged me to reply. I was apprehensive at first, but then thought, why not! So I sent a photo I had taken on holiday, as that’s all I had, and a bit of background history, (short bio). Didn’t know if I would hear back, but to my surprise I did! Cindy Gasser replied saying she was very interested in me, but wanted me to send a recent photo. I replied saying it was … she must have thought I look good! lol …

Julia Hantig photo to CindyThis is the photo which got me the job.

“How have you kept yourself fit over the years to be able to do a show at 57?
JH: Yes, at 57 I have kept myself fit by exercise, salsa and recently I have taken up ballroom and Latin American dancing, after being inspired by Strictly Come Dancing.”

Conelli 2009 Zurich – Julia 1st on the left            Earthzest Beauty Therapist, 2015

Julia Hantig - Conelli Ladies Top Hat Julia Hantig Earthzest Organics

Mum, mindful performer, dancer , actress and model. Julia sings nursery rhymes and reads stories with babies and toddlers @ Story Rhymes at Southend library.

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