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 My hands have always been my barometer!

Rosemary pic 1I find that many of us have forgotten how to relax so part of the treatment is letting go and learning to relax again. This helps us  regain balance in our lives and bodies. I’ve been pretty stressed myself at times and have learnt that for me time out nature, walking and time with people and animals I love are the best antidote to a busy life.

As a tiny girl I loved to be a nurse and the passion continued! I absolutely adored nursing, qualified as a RGN successfully in 1994 but problems with eczema on my hands prevented me continuing, life had other plans for me.

Life led me on an interesting path and my hands have always been my barometer.  When it’s time to make a change, to move on, my hands start to tell me and only stop when I make a decision!  I attract a lot of clients whose bodies are screaming at them to make a change.  I help them make sense of that, make decisions and move forward.

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